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Frequently Asked Questions


1What is Futinator?

Futinator is a powerful chrome extension that helps to handle the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) web app easier. Snipe hands-free or manual - you choose! You can bind actions like buy now, search, increase/decrease price and many more to keys on your keyboard. This allows you to snipe as quickly as possible. Or take the easy way and choose Futinator + (Autobuyer / Bot) with hands-free sniping. Generate millions of Coins with sniping on Fut Web App 22 Ultimate Team. Check out all versions and their functionalities here!

2 What is Futinator + and what is the difference to the premium version?

Futinator + is a separate chrome extension. It includes all features of the premium version and additionally the possibility to snipe automatically (hands-free sniping). More information here: Futinator +. Some function of the Plus version: Flexible settings to avoid captcha, Directly list after snipe, Email notification, Log file (sniped and missed analysis) and many more functions.

3Can I get banned using Futinator?

Yes, there is a (small) risk. EA does not support third-party extensions. However, we have over 3000 active users and permanent account bans are extremely rare. If you only use Futinator and no other tools/apps and do not transfer coins and make captchas wrong, your risk of ban is extremely low. We have users since Fifa 19 who never had a ban. It's up to you how responsibly you use Futinator. The worst thing that can normally happen to you is a soft ban for a few hours or verifcations (which can happen even if you are not using Futinator).

4 Can I exchange and chat with other Futinator users?

Yes, you can! Join our discord and chat with over 1000 other Futinator / Futinator Plus users.

5 Futinator no longer works, what should I do?

Normally that will never happen. But should it not work for you, you need not panic. Try the following steps:

  1. Check your current Futinator version. Always use the latest version.
  2. Try clearing your chrome cache and fully restarting Google Chrome.
  3. Still no luck? Feel free to send us an email:

6 Can I get a refund?

As Futinator offers non-material, irrevocable goods, we do not offer refunds after purchase, please consider this before your purchase. If anything is unclear please contact us.

7 How can I unsubscribe from Futinator premium?

Step 1/ Go to create an account and log in. Note: use the email address you used for your subscription.

Step 2/ Click on "Manage subscription"

Step 3/ Click on "See more details"

Step 4/ Scroll down and click on "Cancel Subscription" - That's it!

Note: If you have issues cancelling your subscription write me a friendly email with your email address.